The goal of Stuffed Panda Studios is to create vibrant and well constructed mascot costumes. Every costume is seen as a new challenge, and I am constantly striving to improve and develop innovative ideas. So what makes stuff better panda style?

Every costume is one of a kind. Want a really unique mascot that no one else has for your business? An eye-catching werewolf for Halloween? How about a realistic dragon for that new theater production? Every costume I make is unique, and I’ll never replicate an existing costume in our gallery.

Construction is taken seriously. I pride myself in having great construction. Every seam is reinforced, neatly sewn, and comfortable. Not only will the outside look good, but the inner workings will as well. Seams are always sewn, and never glued.

I do more than sewing. Don’t have concept art? Stuffed Panda Studios can sketch art of your character for you, and even brainstorm ideas. I won’t leave you hanging!

Painting & airbrushing are also big parts of the creation process. Small details and shading are often added to make your mascot really pop!

I want you to be able to breathe. I do my best to make costume heads lightweight, cool, and breathable. While heads will always be warm, I include many areas for ventilation and have the option of installing a fan so the wearer is as comfortable as possible.

Been there, done that. Unlike some costume designers, I wear mascot costumes on a regular basis at trade shows, conventions, and events. This means I am able to spot and work around problem areas such as heat & visibility. Be sure to ask about some things I’ve found useful: hidden pockets for ID/ emergency cash, pouches for ice packs, a slot in the head for a straw, etc.

As seen in Storm Queen’s music video, “Look Right Through Me”. View it here!

Closed until Spring 2015

October 20th, 2014|

The studio is currently closed for new creature costumes AND quotes until spring 2015, but commercial inquiries are always welcome. I only give out quotes for my creature costumes a couple of times a [...]

Updated the gallery, opening late summer

July 9th, 2014|

I updated the gallery with new costumes from February onwards. Keep your eye out for a few more popping up soon! :) I’m also planning on opening up for [...]

New Photos Added

December 15th, 2013|

I’ve just added new photos of Kitt Fawx in our gallery under Vulpines. Enjoy! :)

Closed until July 2014 for costumes, stuffed animals…

November 21st, 2013|

I’m currently closed until July 2014 for all costumes. I have a waiting list going to be notified when I reopen, so if you’re interested drop me an email at stuffedpanda@yahoo.com. Stuffed animal commissions [...]