for Mascot Costumes

My mascot costumes are made to be as durable as possible. Extensive hand stitching, double stitching, and reinforced seams ensure they will last a long time, but they are not indestructible. Follow these handy tips to ensure your costume lasts for years to come. 🙂

Quick Tip:

Easiest way to put on a fursuit: bodysuit > foot paws > head > hand paws.

Don’t force it! Never force arms or legs into the bodysuit or paws, and take it slow when zipping up the bodysuit to ensure fur does not get caught. Many people are able to get in costume on their own, but it is easiest to have somebody help you with the hand paws and to ensure your neck is covered.

Keep it sanitary. It is important to let the entire costume air out and dry before storage (the bodysuit and hand paws can be turned inside out to aid in this process). We recommend that you spray the inside of the head (try to avoid the battery case if there is one), paws, and bodysuit with a disinfectant spray after every use.

Storage or transportation. Once a costume is completely dry, you may store the bodysuit, hand paws, and foot paws in a plastic container. It is best to store the head out of direct sunlight on a shelf. If you must travel with your mascot for any reason, the head can be carefully packed in a hard suitcase or container. Be sure not to place any heavy objects on these containers!


Just a little dirt… Small areas can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and gentle detergent such as Woolite®. Lightly rub on the area in the direction of the fur and allow it to air dry. Be very careful with airbrushed or painted areas. Dirty feet can be cleaned with carpet cleaner – just be sure to test on a small area first to make sure it does not change the color of the fur.

A good wash! Every once and a while you may need to wash the entire bodysuit. Only do this as necessary; repeated washings may give the fur a dull or matted appearance. The bodysuit and hand paws (if no claws or silicone paw pads are attached) should be placed in a washer with gentle detergent on a delicate cycle with cold water. Promptly remove from the washer when the cycle is complete and allow it to air dry or place in a dryer on air fluff. NEVER place the body suit or paws in a dryer with heat, it will melt the fibers!