Last edited March 31st 2017.

By making a payment toward a commission you are acknowledging and agreeing to abide by the following terms. I can only enter into a legally binding contract with customers over 18; no exceptions will be made.

Quotes & Retainer

After receiving an official price quote, a 30% NON-REFUNDABLE retainer fee must be made by the date specified to reserve your commission slot (this date will be sent along with your price quote). This will be applied to your final total. If no date is specified, I must receive it within seven days of contacting you with a final price.  Retainer fees are non-refundable to compensate me for time spent conversing, researching, sketching, ordering supplies, and more in the event of a cancelled commission. After I receive your retainer fee changes can no longer be made to your commission.


I must receive the remainder of your balance (plus shipping) upon the costume’s completion. Please plan accordingly and let me know if an issue arises and you cannot pay on time. As of December 2014 I work on costumes for individuals in the order they are paid for in full with the exception of commercial projects (things needed for a business deadline). If I’m ready to start a new project and customer #3 has just paid off their costume in full while you still have several payments to go, I will work on customer #3’s costume next and you can continue to make payments in small chunks. The sooner you pay your costume in full, the sooner it will be worked on. The order of my current projects will always be available to the public on my Trello page:

I will NOT ship out any costume or mascot until it is paid in full. If your costume is not paid for within 30 days after completion and I have not heard from you, it will be auctioned or sold to another buyer.

Shipping is not included in the original quote, and must be calculated and paid for by the customer upon completion.

Shipping & Customs

Shipping is not included in the original quote, and must be calculated and paid for by the customer upon completion. International customers must pay all customs fees and/or taxes on their costumes. I will not mark packages as a “gift” to avoid fees. $20 – $25 is added to actual shipping cost to cover the cost of supplies. Local pickup is not available.

Measurements and Duct Tape Dummies

If you are commissioning a full body costume for an individual performer, I MUST have a duct tape dummy (DTD) from you. If you do not know how to do this, a useful tutorial can be found here:

I will also need miscellaneous measurements and your shoe size. If you are commissioning a partial costume for an individual, a duct tape dummy is not necessary but can be sent if you’d like a more tailored fit. Additional measurements will be needed.

If you are commissioning a professional mascot, I will need to know what type of people will likely be wearing your costume (teenagers, adults, etc). By default mascots are made to fit someone who is roughly 6’ tall and 185 pounds. A duct tape dummy and additional measurements are not needed.


Communication will take place over e-mail or the application Telegram. If you have a rush order, please respond to e-mails within 24 hours or I reserve the right to extend the deadline or cancel the commission. For all other commissions, a response is needed within 48 hours. Vocal communication is not accepted because I want a written record of all conversation for reference.

Work Order

With the exception of commercial projects I work on costumes in order roughly 40 hours a week. I do not currently accept deadlines. Stuffed Panda Studios is run by one person and any setbacks directly affect my work. I update my Trello often with my work order and progress so all my customers can see where they stand:

Style & Edits

I strive to bring every commissioner’s vision to life through my costumes, but due to the nature of this art form, my style will come into play. I use similar eye shapes, expressions, and airbrushing techniques for a consistent style.  This will not be changed unless previously discussed.

I am more than willing to make minor edits throughout the building process to better fit concept art or ideas. Edits are restricted to three changes per piece, and I reserve the right to refuse further edits if I feel it is unreasonable or will damage the piece. Further edits may be done at an hourly rate.

Major decisions, such as fur color, will be decided upon after a commission is accepted. Once a fur, construction technique, detail, etc has been chosen it cannot be changed. If you have any doubts about a particular color or material it must be addressed at the very beginning. Any changes after the fact may be denied or charged an hourly rate to adjust.

Reference Art

Reference art of every character is required for personal costumes with the exception of an artistic liberty or free reign commission. It is your responsibility to provide me with reference sheets, photos, or other images that are your property or that you have received permission to use.

Repairs and Warranty

Stuffed Panda Studios has a 60 day repair warranty on all of my costumes. In the unlikely event a costume is damaged due to construction (ex: seam coming loose) or it does not fit properly, ship it back to our studio and we will repair it for free. We ask that all customers carefully package their costume and pay for the initial shipping back to our studio; we will cover shipping back to you. Local pickup for adjustments is not available. If costumes are damaged or dirty due to abuse and neglect, we will not repair and it and your warranty will be void. Repairs past the warranty date are available for an additional cost; contact us for details.

Please inspect your costume in full upon receipt. In the event of any shipping damage, retain ALL shipping materials and contact me immediately so we can make a claim with the postal service. If there is no shipping damage, please inspect your costume thoroughly and report any defects or fit issues to me within 72hrs of receipt of the costume. If no contact is made within 72hrs, I will take it as an acknowledgement that you accept your costume as delivered. 


At Stuffed Panda Studios I strive to make costumes that are extremely durable and well made. Despite this, costumes need to be treated with care. Mistreatment of your costume (smoke or water damage, pulling on wires, improper packing, taking it through the mud or dirt, etc) will void the warranty and is not my responsibility. These costumes are a piece of art, not a military tank. They often involve airbrushing, small details, and resin based heads that will withstand the test of time with proper care – so please take the time to do so! Check out my website for tips. 

Conventions and Other Deadlines

I will no longer accept convention deadlines. Under exceptional circumstances I may offer a rush order; these are my rates: 

20% fee – When I need to put in a few extra hours here and there to get it done in time.

30% fee – When I need to get it done in ¾ of my normal time; involves working weekends.

50% fee – When I need to get it done in ½ of my normal time; involves working nights, weekends, and 12+ hour days.

Cancellations & Refunds

I reserve the right to cancel or decline a commission for any reason. I may decline a commission if I get too many price quotes, the style is not suited to my type of work, etc.

In the extreme circumstance that a commission is canceled midway (client is overly rude, giving unreasonable demands, cancels of his/her own free will, commissioner is unhappy with the product and attempts to adjust the costume are not working, I feel I cannot complete the costume the way we originally hoped, etc) I will refund any balance you have paid minus the retainer fee. The costume will be sold to another buyer.

There are no refunds after the final product has been completed and approved by the commissioner.


I am not responsible for any injury or mishap you may have when in costume. This includes and is not limited to heat stroke, falling, tripping, etc.

It is your job to ensure that you have a handler or spotter to look out for you and help you through crowded areas. It is also important to take frequent breaks out of costume for water and fresh air. Use caution and know your limits involving heat and vision.

These Terms

Stuffed Panda Studios reserves the right to change these terms of service (TOS) at any time. A printed and signed copy of our TOS must be mailed to our studio the day you send your retainer fee.

I have read and agree to these terms.
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