What is the difference between a business mascot costume and a costume for individuals?

Costumes for individuals are tailored to fit a specific actor and are often very detailed. These are great for films, music videos, theatre, and charity events. They are made to be durable, but often have small parts or mechanisms that are not meant for daily or rough use. The tailored look allows for more realistic proportions, but is not easily worn by a variety of people.


Mascot costumes for businesses are designed to be worn by a variety of perfor

mers, have exaggerated proportions, and are much more durable. If you have a business you absolutely want to make sure you choose this option for a long lasting and versatile costume. Business mascot costumes use more materials, have some level of adjustability, and take much more time to make – hence the higher price.


Is concept art included?

We no longer offer sketches or concept art. There are a variety of artists who can make wonderful character sheets – if you need a suggestion please ask!

I already have concept art, can it be followed down to every line and angle?
Take a look through my gallery and original characters section to get a good feel for my personal style. Business mascots will be constructed to match the concept art as closely as possible, while other costumes tend to take on my own flare.

How do you see out of the costumes?
Vision is typically through the eyes on a cartoon costume, and through the tear ducts on a realistic one. On occasion vision may be through the nose, mouth, or neck.


How good is the breathability in costume?

Breathability is pretty great for a costume head! Keep in mind your head is wrapped in foam and fur so it will be hot, but we always include several points of ventilation to help improve air circulation. Fans are able to be installed for an additional fee.

What are your costumes made of?
Our business mascot costume heads and body pods are constructed from a foam base with adjustable straps inside. I have done extensive testing with a variety of materials (including plastic) and foam breathes the best, is the safest in case of a tumble, and holds up to children and other bystanders pulling on parts of the costume. Costumes for individuals usually utilize plastic resin shells for the head. This gives room and a sturdy base to install fans, LEDs, moving jaws, and other mechanisms. Stuffed Panda Studios uses high quality faux fur and fleece from a variety of suppliers. Paw pads and other details may be made from plastic, resin, fleece, vinyl, etc.

Do you sell costume parts such as resin shells?
Currently Stuffed Panda Studios offers parts to make your own costumes here.